S    A    N    C    A    R    O    L    A    R    T


Oil Painting Portraits on Canvas (24" x  30")

A Word on Commissions

To create what you envision I’ll need to know exactly what will be painted. ​ Three (3) rough pencil sketches: initial concept, initial concept with your requested revision(s) and final concept for approval ("starts the clock") begins your artwork.

Art Creation and Delivery Schedules

Art created on canvas sized 24" x 30" have an average completion time between 3 - 6 weeks (one (1) week -  light touch - drying time included). The "typical estimated dry time" for an oil painting is between 2 - 6 months. (This means "handle with care" as to not leave fingerprint smudging upon receipt).

Delivery (timeframe) of completed artworks are per your choice of carrier (FedX, UPS, USPS).