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Meet Carolyn

Born and raised in the big "D"  (Detroit) in my youth I unapologetically held my fist high, rocked the biggest roundest afro you've ever seen and dressed in colorful red, black and green dashiki's. (That's me in my jr. high school class photo).


Ironically I've grown up to be quite the conservative artsy person, affectionately known as "memaw" by my wonderful grandchildren (below). When I was little I remember my mom singing religious hymns while I drew on house walls  (with her permission of course). This daily ritual diverted my tears as my older siblings left for school each week. It was through this positive affirmation that I recognize my talents as a gift from "Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh" (my GOD).


My ultimate career (U.S. Postal Service) in summary included outreach activities coordinating postmaster installation ceremonies, managing stamp out illiteracy and hunger  (WEE Deliver and National Food Drives) initiatives, and performance in national leadership roles at postal Headquarters Blood/Bone Marrow Drives and CFC (Combined Federal Campaigns).  I've since retired at the Headquarters level and begun to reactivate my art career.​ To date it's been a great ride....