Sancarol Artist Carolyn McGlown





My interest in art began around the age of 4.  My mom, a single parent with six children living in inner city Detroit, often sang religious hymns that embraced me as my siblings went off to school. I drew on house walls as she sang; not knowing then I was cultivating my artistic mission. Today I recognize this experience as a gift from "Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh" (my GOD).

I embrace these childhood memories because they serve to inspire me to create art that breaks generational curses and builds generational wealth (pictured above with my grands).  Sancarol is the extended legacy of this artistic mission. 


You won't find these designs anywhere but through Sancarol. Each painting is a work developed  the "old school way", hand painted using a wooden easel (using watercolors/oils) with prints made from originals. The originals are not computer generated or manipulated in any way which helps to make each one unique in its own right. Each piece is formed using my imagination, creativity and life experiences through each season of my life. Enjoy!