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Request a Commission for an Original Artwork

Commissions (Pricing and Agreements)

An entered into Commission Agreement constitutes the entire understanding

between the client and the Artist, its terms can only be modified by an instrument in writing

agreed and signed by both parties.


 (Sancarol Artist Carolyn McGlown).


The person(s)/individual/business entity purchasing a Commission.


Form of service provided by Artist to Client per Commission Agreement. "Commission", e.g., Art[work], Image[ry], Project[s] are used interchangeably herein and in Commission correspondences.



It is helpful to supply various photographs of each image to assist in character design and development. Files sizes (ending with .jpg, .jpeg, pdf ) work in email. NOTE: photos submitted and images I forward back are scanned for viruses prior to opening/sending and will be viewed on a computer screen so pictures in jpeg format at 640 x 480 pixels work best.



Commission Pricing and Payments

There is an initial $35 (non-refundable fee) to initiate a Commission Agreement. This fee is applied as a credit to your final price quote should you elect to commission an artwork. This fee covers initial contract draft proposal, three (3) original sketches of the subject matter requested and booking on calendar (time block) for a scheduled completion date. Once these activities are confirmed a signed Commission Agreement is submitted for signature and payment(s).

One half (1/2) payment is due upon Commission Agreement signing. Full payment is due prior to receipt of works.  Any amended arrangements to this payment process must be agreed to and included in an updated signing of the Commission Agreement prior to the Start of Work.

Commission Agreement

Verbal discussions outlining the following will be memorialized (documented) via email:  subject matters produced, pricing,  start time of  work, (and if applicable), Commission deadlines, early termination circumstances, rush fees, Transfer of Copyright and/or whether the Commission may be displayed in Artist website portfolio, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Commission documents are electronically maintained on record with the Artist for 3 years.

Priority of Commissions

Due to the Artists work schedules the Artist will prioritize each commission request accordingly.

Decline of Commissions

The Artist retains the right to refuse any Commission request, without explanation (however, it is likely the Artist will explain decline as a courtesy). Additionally, the Artist will not create what she deems as any depiction of sexually explicit [i.e., x-rated, pornographic] materials or any form of hateful, racist, violent imagery.

Cancellation of Commissions

The Artist reserves the right to stop work on a Commission, or cancel a Commission request due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior and considers these instances as a breach in the Commission Agreement. Should the client wish to cancel the commission after signing the commission agreement their initial deposit ($35) plus 50% of any fees paid prior to cancellation are forfeit.

Start of Work

The point in time in which the Client has approved the Artist to start work on the Commission (e.g., Artist begins to create the Commission).


Online locations where the Commission may be displayed includes galleries, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Profile[s] do not include any sites that display hateful or racial imagery, illegal activities or sites which display, reproduce or sell works without crediting the Artist. Also, no Commission may be displayed without the written permission of the Artist, or as agreed to in the Commission Agreement.

Transfer of Copyright

Discussions documented via email in which the Artist and Client agree to transfer Copyright of the Commission from the Artist to the Client. This does not include Trademarks.

Terms of Sale

The Artist hereby sells or transfers the Commission to the Client at the agree value written in the Commission Agreement prior to the Start of Work(s).


Full payments must be received prior to delivery of the finished artwork(s). Electively a non-refundable $35 up-front fee will be paid to initiate the Commission Draft Agreement. Ownership of the Commission will only pass from the Artist to the Client on receipt of payment in full. The Commission will not be mailed to the Client until the agreed payment amounts have been received and credited. Payment method is determined as written in the Commission Agreement prior to the Start of Work.

Copyright/Trademarked Characters

The Artist will not reproduce in Commission form, a Copyrighted or Trademarked image or character without the expressed written permission of its Copyright or Trademark owner.

Artist Copyright and Reproduction

By commissioning the Artist, the Client is purchasing the Artist labor only. The Artist retains all rights to the Commission, which includes but is not limited to: distribution, reproduction, use of Commission for Artist promotion (e.g. Profiles, Personal Space, Public Space as defined on this website) or as it applies to the Terms of Service agreed upon in a "Transfer of Copyright Agreement" as defined in the Clients documents. The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the Commission beyond the resale of the original. The Artist retains full copyright for any preliminary designs and incidental works made in the creation of the Commission, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Deadlines and Flexibility

The Artist, to the best of her ability, will provide a general indication of how long the Commission will take to complete and when the Client can expect to receive the finished project prior to the Start of Work. The Artist will inform the Client regularly (including photos of the work in progress) if changes to completion times has occurred.


Under no circumstances may the client submit a Commission to any kind of online or offline contest.



Oil artworks are sized 24" X 30" X 1.25" and painted on Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Gesso Primed Acid Free Canvas made with archival-quality natural cotton. The canvas frame is professionally constructed, with medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1 1/2" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars and held in place with a flexible spine.


Watercolor artworks (sized 8" x 10" and  18" x 24") are painted on heavyweight durable cold press surfaces and/or upgraded premium papers. 

Mug art uses a wide variety of dye sublimation print machinery that utilizes the industry's best water based pigment inks to print on ceramic surfaces. Each item is individually inspected several times during the treatment and decorating process. A final quality control check is done before the item is fully packed prior to shipping.  Mugs are shipped in a cardboard box with crash-lock base and inner fitting inserts providing extra protection and safe transportation.

Reference Materials Required


It is helpful to supply various photographs of each image to assist in character design and development. Files sizes (ending with .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf ) emailed work best. NOTE: In general, the photos you submit and images I forward back are scanned for viruses prior to opening/sending and will be viewed on a computer screen so pictures in jpeg format at 640 x 480 pixels work best.

Preview Requests

The Client may request a preview (maximum of 3) of the Commission at any time during the creation process, but may not request changes to the Commission after the Start of Work or approval of the draft unless agreed upon in the Commission Agreement prior to Start of Work.

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