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Welcome to Sancarol!  Be inspired to add artwork designs to your wardrobe, collections or gifts for family and friends. (P.S. DON'T KEEP ME A SECRET!) Referrals are the lifeline of my business. Your personal referrals are the greatest compliment I can receive. I also offer commissioned portraits in oils and watercolors. Join conversations on the Sancarol Blog and when you sign up for my newsletter you'll have access to pre-sales and member discounts. Enjoy!



As far back as I can remember I could always draw. The art showcased on this website represent my natural ability infused with formalized training from one of the best art schools around (Center for Creative Studies. College of Art and Design). My favorite skill is creating likenesses of people - real and imagined - that can easily be recognized or lived thru vicariously. My natural talents are a direct result of a nurturing mom who (example) provided me encouragement to paint on kitchen wall cabinets to keep me from crying while my brother and sisters went off to school. It's been very therapeutic for me. I've been drawing and painting ever since...

...a few Milestone moments...

*. BFA, Center for Creative Studies, College of Art and Design, Detroit, MI (1983)

*. Lobby Mural, Franklin Post Office, Franklin, MI (1982)

*. Contributing Illustrator: (elementary educational materials), Sunday School Publishing Board Magazine Series, Nashville, TN (1992)

*. Exhibition Art: Vooglesan Art Gallery, and Fort Bend Art Center, Richmond, TX (2018)

*. Gallery Membership, Fort Bend Art Center, Richmond, TX (2018-19)



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